Thursday, 1 April 2010

More Zoom in a Smaller Stylish Package

The SP-800UZ is the world's smallest camera featuring a 30x wide-angle optical-zoom lens into an even slimmer premium body. With f2.8 (W) / f5.6 (T) wide-angle lenses providing the equivalent of 28-840mm focal length on the SP-800UZ, users can get closer to the action with a more compact super telephoto-zoom 28mm wide-angle lens that captures even more in each frame. The wide-angle lens makes it easy to take a picture of the entire stadium, while the powerful zoom lets you focus on your favorite player. Whether capturing fast-action, life's everyday snapshots or HD videos, the SP cameras provide the versatility to get the job done like never before.

You can find an interesting Olympus SP-800UZ zoom simulator belowe. Just click on the play button. When the simulator appears then you can control the camera with:

ON/OFF - 'o' key on the keyboard
ZOOM - 'w'/'s' key on the keyboard or Mouse wheel
PICTURE TAKEN - Click on the mouse

Pentax X90 test